Hawaii Dishes

Must Have Hawaii Dishes You Must Have While Travelling To The Islands

One of the must-haves to do when you visit a new place is to ensure that you enjoy the local cuisine. Try on some adventurous food, you might find something that you like. If you do not where to start when you are in Hawaii keep reading.

Hawaiian Plate

This one of the classic Hawaiian Plate which locals have in their daily life.  This Plate consists of Rice with Kalua or Laulau (pork or chicken), with a side of poi (Cooked Taro) and Kulolo (taro and coconut cream pudding) as the dessert. This is one plate that can fill your stomach for a small price tag.

All Natural Shave Ice

All Natural Shave Ice

This is Hawaii’s Iconic frozen treat. It is a bowl of finely shaved ice which house made syrups and poured. This fluffy treat was brought in by the Japanese labourers for plantation works. People now are topping this treat with frozen foods and vanilla ice cream to make it extra fancy.


Saimin is just like a Chinese egg-noodle soup which was brought in during the plantation era. As the years went by many ingredients were added into the mix like green onions, kimchi, Kamaboko, etc. This dish is best tried at the local street shops in the Island of Maui.

Coconut dessert

The Coconut

This beautiful dessert is one dish that was crafted by Alan Wong. This is a dish made with Haupia Sorbet, passionfruit sauce and seasonal fruits. This is a dessert which has the ideal combination of sweet and tangy. It is definitely an Instagram worthy dessert that you should try.

Taro Ko Farm Chips

These Taro Ko Farm chips are handmade Kauai, Hanapepe. This is one of the most difficult food you can find. You can find these chips selling out from the time the shop opens. Although this chips are fairly simple to make which requires potatoes, garlic salt, soybean oil and Li Hing Mui Powder. This chips have a sweet barbecue taste to it which makes it really addicting.



Poke is a dish where chunky, raw fishes are made into salads and taken with them for picnics. Poke has a very bold flavour which is more savoury and unique to the island. Traditionally poke is consumed to be seasoned with sea salt, inamona and limu kohu.

Luau Stew

This is a Hawaii local which has a lot of emotional value to it. This dish reminds every one of their grandmas cooking, This is one Hawaiian comfort food that is made with taro leaves and cooked to reach the perfect melt in your mouth taste with its tenderness and is served with a beef brisket.